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Remember the FALLEN,
Recognise SERVICE..
- wear a POPPY
Remembrance Day

How can you help?

Volunteer your time or skills, attend our events, spread awareness or make a donation online.

The South African Legion welcomes

all forms of support from public,

corporate or commercial entities.

Military veterans and their families are encouraged to contact the South African Legion

to assist them in securing their wellbeing.

Join our community of fellow veterans and become a member!

Our Manifesto

We recognise military veterans who have served South Africa honourably.

We remember and salute the fallen.

We advocate peace and promote unity and nation building.

We do not discriminate.

We strive to uphold the wellbeing benefits of military veterans.

We defend the interests of military veterans.

We will collaborate with any like-minded body.


Don't forget to wear your POPPY to any remembrance event...

We shall remember

South African Legion Logo
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