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Remember the FALLEN,
Recognise SERVICE..
- wear a POPPY
Remembrance Day

Veteran Membership

Ordinary Membership is open to all who have completed six months’ service with military and security forces of the British Commonwealth, including the Union of South Africa, until 31 May 1961; the forces of the Republic of South Africa, the former TBVC states, MK, APLA and AZANLA.  Those who could not complete six months’ service because of ill-health, disease and physical or mental disabilities sustained on service will qualify. 

Associate Membership

Persons who do not qualify in the above categories, such as family or friends of military veterans, but have the interests of the Legion at heart, may be admitted as Associate Members. 


  • To help ex-servicemen in need, including dependents, irrespective of membership.

  • To maintain memory of the fallen and a unity of spirit and camaraderie amongst all ex-servicemen.



We are leaders in maintaining the memory of the Fallen, promoting unity of comradeship and safeguarding the interest and welfare of all ex-servicemen/women and their dependents.




  • To foster a spirit of self-sacrifice, comradeship and co-operation.

  • To strive for the rehabilitation in civil life of all ex-servicemen/women and to safeguard their interests and those of their dependents.

  • To assist military veterans and their dependents where assistance is required.

  • To provide an organisation for military veterans as well as those currently serving.

  • To perpetuate the memory of those who gave their lives for their country in war or peace.

  • To negotiate with the Government in matters affecting their interests.





The Legion is national, non-sectarian and strictly non-partisan in relation to politics.



  • We recognise military veterans who served South Africa honourably. 

  • We remember and salute the fallen. 

  • We advocate peace and promote unity and nation building. 

  • We do not discriminate. 

  • We strive to uphold the wellbeing benefits of all military veterans.

  • We defend the interests of military veterans.

  • We will collaborate with any like-minded body.

“I served and I continue to serve those who served and need help.”


Not for Ourselves,

but for Others

Don't forget to wear your POPPY to any remembrance event...

We shall remember

“I served and I continue to serve those who served and need help.”

South African Legion Logo
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