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The South African Legion standing up at the Amashova Durban Classic 2017

The South African Legion will not only be present at the Amashova Durban Classic 2017, but some members of the Durban Branch will be participating in collaboration with ElliptiGo. They will be riding the ElliptiGo bikes on the 65km route. 

The history of this, the oldest ‘classic’ cycle race in the country, is one of dogged determination to succeed in spite of the odds. The idea of having a bicycle race on the route of the world famous Comrades Marathon, between Pietermaritzburg and Durban, was the dream of veteran Springbok cyclist Dave Wiseman and his friend Tony McMillan.

The South African Legion of Military Veterans, encourages all cyclists taking part in the race and the spectators to Wear a POPPY temporary tattoo and show that they Remember those that have sacrificed in service. The SA Legion would like to honour the endurance and tenacity of the cyclists, which is similar to the grit that is displayed by soldiers during various battles over the years. 

Last year, the South African Legion members volunteered to man a watering point and shared the POPPY with the cyclists passing by. 

Poppy Stick On Tattoos will be available on the day, for cyclists and spectators to wear! Help us remember by wearing your poppy, sharing your photo and entering the competition at

Zapper has also provided an easy way to donate funds to the South African Legion in support of military veterans and their families.

Download their app and scan the code below to donate!

South African Legion Logo
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