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Our Manifesto

We recognise military veterans who have served South Africa honourably.

We remember and salute the fallen.

We advocate peace and promote unity and nation building.

We do not discriminate.

We strive to uphold the wellbeing benefits of military veterans.

We defend the interests of military veterans.

We will collaborate with any like-minded body.

What the South African Legion does

The countrywide network of Branches provides social activities for its members.

The Legion is, however, best known as a service organisation which has been speaking out on behalf of veterans since 1921. At a time when there are more military veterans in South Africa than ever before, those in need of food, clothing, financial assistance, advice, assistance with pensions and accommodation turn to the Legion for help.


It is one of a few organisations which will assist military veterans on their first visit to a Branch.

The help we give is made available through a number of specialist programmes, projects or funds run by the Legion.


The Legion is a unique organisation serving the needs of South Africa today,

as it has done throughout its existence since 1921.


The monies once held by Post War Fund are exhausted and Branches raise their own funds to assist the younger generation of veterans, which includes many who are unemployed. Those with families suffer most. The monies were raised some years ago by the Sunday Times Border Fund, of which the administration has been entrusted to the Legion. There is a heavy call on its resources to provide for the needs of a younger generation which includes many unemployed veterans and their families. Some of them are moving from place to place in search of work. Many families are in great distress.

Most veterans’ organisations do not assist those who served with MK, APLA or AZANLA. The Legion does, using funds specially obtained for the purpose. On behalf of the RCEL, the Legion cares for military veterans from other Commonwealth countries who now live in South Africa. Assistance is obtained from national, corps and regimental funds in Britain. There are other schemes which care for specific needs. Your Legion Branch can also assist you with advice on these matters

The Helping Hand

The Legion’s experience and expertise has long been available to other organisations in the veterans’ community. Over the years, associations and organisations which were no longer able to carry on with their work, turned to the Legion to assume responsibility for the task. The oldest of the bodies amalgamated with the Legion in this way has celebrated its Centenary about 20 years ago and is still going strong!

In the present difficult times, other organisations are being assisted with administrative services only.  In the process, both the Legion and the customer retain their independence.


Some branches of the Legion provide limited subsidised accommodation to veterans of all communities

The Emergency Relief

The Legion is proud of its record of helping veterans, their spouses and dependents in times of need. Those who qualify are, where possible, assisted with food, clothes, blankets and in some cases with rent. Veterans from other Commonwealth countries can be assisted through the RCEL. 

The Future

To survive, the Legion needs members to carry on with the work it does.  The older members are passing to Higher Service, while the younger generation is slow to come forward and  shoulder its responsibility. The Legion is, however, going through a process of planning, change, adjustment and renewal to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. The South African Legion of Military Veterans will be a strong part of the Veteran World for many years to come.

Don't forget to wear your POPPY to any remembrance event...

We shall remember

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